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The main goal of the DACB is to represent the Dutch issuers and to act as a platform for the exchange of information among its members. In practice, this means the DACB has the following key objectives:

  • to represent the interests of the Dutch issuers in discussions with legislative and regulatory authorities;
  • to provide investors with information about the Dutch covered bond market;
  • to participate on behalf of the Dutch issuers in international covered bond organisations like the ECBC;  and
  • to continuously improve the quality of the Dutch covered bond product offering.

Any financial institution that falls under the oversight of the Dutch Central Bank and that has been registered as a covered bond issuer can become a member of the DACB. Any financial institution that has applied for registration can become a candidate member. 
The DACB currently has the following members:

The DACB is also a member of the European Covered Bond Council.


The secretariat of the DACB is provided by the Dutch Banking Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken; NVB)
Jac Besuijen - President of the DACB – coordinates the activities of the DACB on a day-to-day basis.